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Message started by sign216 on 08/06/18 at 08:02:26

Title: Map for V7 with an 820cc kit
Post by sign216 on 08/06/18 at 08:02:26
Attached is my final map for my '09 V7 (Heron heads) with an Italian RAM 820cc kit and the MyECU controller. 

The bike was suffering from severe knocking and lean running, due to the increased capacity (820cc) with no increase in fuel.  Still, even with the MyECU and increased fuel, I had knocking until I retarded the spark. 

This is my final running map, and is different from Cliff's orig. Breva 750 map with 22% retard around the the 4k rpm mark where I had pinging, and approx 8% injection duration prime to account for the increased capacity. 

In the orig map I had severe pinging right at 4k rpm, esp on acceleration or hard throttle.

Hope this helps other users.  This map is good, but could be tweaked some more. Joe;file=final_running_map_1_.txt (11 KB | 81 )

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