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Ducati 907ie (Read 1203 times)
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Ducati 907ie
11/28/15 at 17:23:22
Hi guys,

I've noticed a couple of other 907ie maps about and thought i would add mine to the mix. My bike is standard (including no airbox mods) except for Staintune exhausts. Operationally i'm using the ECU in closed loop controlled by a Spartan 2 wide band 5V o2 sensor.

From the Cliff's base map after an initial trial I pulled out 5% of the fuel globally and am now on iteration 5 of corrections suggested by Optimiser after some long rides (2+ hours). in most cells the suggestions have been to pull a further 3 to 5% fuel out - but not all cells!

I've spent a lot of time on cold start ups (that's engine cold rather than winter time) and found that the bike is very sensitive to ignition advance at crank and idle. 1 degree either way makes it hard to start. I'm using 95 octane fuel with no added enthanol. I've also added a little extra fuel in the starting prime - but only a little in the mid temperatures. Bike now starts first time within a second from cold or pretty much instantly when warm. I'm still not completely happy with the idle after a cold start as it's a bit easy to stall but after running for 30 to 40 seconds its great. So will perhaps work on the fuel phase out after start (or just learn to be a bit patient after starting the bike when cold Smiley)

I've noticed that my map seems to have a bit more spark advance than other (907ie maps) but haven't noticed any pinging whilst riding the bike (which rides really well).

Next steps for me are
- additional refinement of fuel map (there are a couple of small oddities in the fuel array)
- perhaps a run on a dyno with someone that has some "knock" ears to see if there is any obvious pinging (it's hard to do this on the road)
- work on logging some exhaust temperatures to see if i really need to make rear cylinder run cooler with some additional fuel (also easier on a dyno)

Still heaven and earth better than the original tune though... smoother bottom end and grunty mid range.
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