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Add a Oil Pressure Sensor Input (Read 2368 times)
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Add a Oil Pressure Sensor Input
06/04/13 at 21:30:42
Hi MyECUers !

I'm a new MyECU16M owner (MK7).

I have a suggestion for the team to improve MyECU :

Adding an input for oil pressure Sensor (an after market one) could help the Guzzi owner by cut off the engine if the oil pressure is under 0,5 bar for example during more than a defined time.
Guzzi (Daytona, Centauro and V11) suffers of a very fragile oil pump that can break and kill the engine by lack of lubricant if we didn't see the oil pressure led fast enought.  Cry

This feature exist for the equivalent of MyECU for cars by monitoring turbo and engine oil pressure.
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MyECU16M MK7 on a Moto Guzzi V10 Centauro 1999
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Re: Add a Oil Pressure Sensor Input
Reply #1 - 09/12/13 at 01:14:03
If you just want to stop the engine when the oil pressure fails it may be simpler to add a relay to cut out the ecu .  You will need a second pressure switch set to a lower pressure or starting will be delayed until the motor has cranked up the oil. Hard acceleration can put on the standard light for a few seconds also. Perhaps a large capacitor inline with relay coil could help to damp out spurious triggering. 

Any ideas Kiwi_Roy
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